Feb 042015

As most of us have, I have provided my e-mail address to various companies when doing online shopping. These submittals often result in receiving promotional e-mails from the company. When I get a promotional e-mail I consider if I would like to continue to receive the information and whether or not I actually believe that [more]

Jan 022015

As the new year begins, I have been looking through some of my patronage. I am using the term broadly, it  includes Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, Bandcamp, direct subscriptions, and lump sum payments. It is an interesting dance that occurs in the Internet commerce age. There are multiple ways to purchase things currently, it can be done as a [more]

Dec 122014

As the holiday season is upon us here in the United States I am being asked quite often for donations or contributions while I am at the office. These requests can open up a quagmire of issues so I always politely decline with the statement that “I don’t donate at work. Just one of my [more]

Nov 122014

As my faithful readers know, both of you based on my recent Google Analytics report, I believe in being nice. As the holidays (or is it Holidaze) are drawing closer I wanted to remind you about some posts I wrote previously. These are just some thoughts for the season. Also what happened to the US Thanksgiving Holiday? [more]

Oct 102014

So got a new iPhone on Monday as I had worn out my last phone, the buttons actually stopped physically working and well it was crashing hourly. I was not able to get the model I truly wanted in terms of color, but a non-functioning phone kind of pressed the issue. I tried to configure the [more]

Oct 092014
It is time for Hockey!

Did I mention how happy I am it is NHL Hockey Season again? I am amazed at how much has changed in the my lifetime with regard to watching hockey. When I was younger, much younger when the NJ Devils were the Colorado Rockies, I watched NJ Rangers, Ny Islanders, and Philadelphia Flyer games on [more]

Aug 292014

I have been catching up on enjoyment reading recently. I recently read a few Cory Doctorow (I used the non-secure site as the link as it renders better) books and saw the line between reality and fiction blurring. I know that much of this interweaving is on purpose, but it got me thinking about a few [more]

Aug 272014

I have decided not to install Facebook Messenger on my portable electronic device/smart phone. The reason is different than one might expect. Yes, I do not like the terms of service as outlined many times on the web. From that came my decision not to use Facebook Messenger in general. The reason is fairly mundane [more]

Aug 172014

My friend Dawn Meade (http://avdawn.com/ or https://twitter.com/@avdawn) challenged me and some friends to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge <http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html>. Not one to give up an opportunity to raise money for charity, I took the opportunity. Now my friend Matt Scott was also called out and he did a camera shoot where he had the camera [more]

Jul 272014
Are Numbers Coloring our Judgement?

I recently purchased a pair of high performance headphones. Not high performance by brand but by specifications. Yes, I know how to read them. They are rated for 10Hz to 30kHz and they are relatively flat, with variable tuning plugs to change their response curve acoustically. I decided to give them a little test run [more]