A field of dots with a squiggly line in front of it, representing audio over noise

Signal to Noise

A few days ago I posted a Tweet that said, “signal to noise is important, not just in audio but in life”. That post was an amalgam of someone’s tweet commenting on the palaver at their job result of the amount of Tweets I was getting from one...
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Icon of four arrows on one pole, a guidepost

Three Rules

This post was originally written in August of 2009. The concepts still remain true. I have since added rule number 4 in 2013. You can find that one at https://bradfordbenn.com/new-year-new-rule/. I am always reviewing the rules. These rules still apply for me. I was chatting with friends over...
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Icon Symbol of a computer and then three controls

Interface makes quite the difference

I have gotten a Playstation3, I also have PS2, PS1, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameBoy, Windows, and Mac. So to so I have various gaming environments. So there have been some games that are available on multiple platforms and I have had a chance to try a few of...
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