I have started purchasing more and more custom art. The artists vary from graphic novel artists to colorists to cartoon animators to musicians. As my friend Bill knows,when asked what I want for the piece I say “Artist’s choice.” I have said it to him so many times to him I think he is getting sick of it. The question he should be asking is “Why artist’s choice?” So Bill and my other loyal readers, here is why I do artist’s choice.

All too often musicians are asked for the same song over and over. The comedy request of Freebird has become irritating to some musicians I know. So irritating that more than one musician has created a different song called Freebird to counteract that trend. When an artist is preparing a setlist for their first time in a venue or an event, I do not want to change their plans. It is important to let the artists represent themselves. This point is important to me. If someone has an hour to play a set of music that is representative of their work and will help in getting invited back I do not want to mess it up for them

When requesting illustrations, I figure that some artists have drawn the same thing over and over again and again. How many times can one draw the same character before it becomes rote and no longer a creative art? Worse yet, it becomes unenjoyable for the artist. As a result when I commission a piece of art, I try to talk with the artist and explain what I like and that it should be artist choice. As a result I have ended up with some cool art, such as a sketch of David Bowie as the Joker from Mike McCone.

Even when taking part in Patreon and Kickstarter funding where the premium for the patron is custom art. I still select Artist’s Choice. I will provide guidance of what my interests and likes are, however it is still artist’s choice.

Yes, Bill – Artist’s Choice. Always.

Give it a try you will most likely be pleasantly surprised.