Jul 032014

Recently I get an e-mail alerting me about a sale going on at media outlet. I am familiar with the advertiser as they publish various audio magazines. I have friends that work there, so I figured I would go take a look at what they had on sale. I was surprised when I saw some of [more]

Jun 242014
Can we stop passing around little dead tattooed trees?

As my loyal reader and twitter follower is aware, I just attended the InfoComm2014 convention. I found myself struggling what to do with all these business cards I had acquired. Not only the question of how long should I hang on to them, but how to get all the details into my electronic system. After [more]

Jun 072014
Lego Misstep

Today I started on my next Lego Star Wars piece, the Sandcrawler. The Sandcrawler instructions included some background about the process of designing the model. I was surprised when I read the section “About the LEGO® Star Wars™ Design Team” my jaw dropped with the sexist stereotypical comment I saw. The sentence that surprised me [more]

Mar 122014

When traveling with toiletries including medications, be aware of the temperatures you are putting them through. Some medications, including contact solutions, have storage temperature ranges for the ingredients to remain potent. It is very easy to go outside of these ranges when leaving luggage in your car or checking it with an airline. I realize [more]

Feb 112014

This one might seem odd to some, but I have found it very helpful. I travel with my own bar of bath soap. I have found that the bath soaps can be very hit or miss when traveling. Some of them can be very powerfully scented, and often times with an unpleasant fragrance. Other soaps [more]

Blogging into the Blind

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Jan 222014

As I was looking at last year’s statistics for my website and sub sites I was fairly disheartened. I have very little followers and have not sold any prints. I thought about it a little and realized that one of the main reasons is that I have added very little content over the past year. [more]

Dec 232013

As some of you might know in my previous life, I was an audio technician touring with various groups – some known and unknown. I also happen to have eclectic musical tastes. In the past few years I have stumbled upon some musicians through the Interwebs. I have supported some through Kickstarter, Bandcamp, buying direct, [more]