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Zoom Backgrounds – The Overview

People were asking how I have been doing countdown timers. After doing some testing, I realized that what I thought would be a simple video file became a large video file. What I have been doing, does not translate easily to a simpler system. My system is not...
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Mountains of Mail

Recently during an AV in the AM discussion one of the topics that came up was employee burnout and how to prevent it. A matter of debate was electronic mail and how to manage it. That was when people started sharing the number of unread emails that they...
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Encrypting EMail for Everyone

Icons of a lock over a document indicating the document is locked
My involvement with the EFF and AVNation have also included comments about privacy: AVNation Privacy & EFF Mail Links. Something I realized while thinking about this subject is that if one sends very few encrypted e-mails, the ones that are encrypted will stand out in the mail being...
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Space the Return

Closeup of Bradford Benn's Badge for the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Space Center
Faithful followers may have noticed that recently there has been a large amount of NASA and space related content from me. Some people think that this is new, in reality it has been an interest of mine for most of my life. One of the earliest experiences I...
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